Flipped Learning – Addition & Subtraction

Check out our first installment in our flipped classroom series on Addition and Subtraction.


Watch this task as many times as you need and practice using expanded addition. Create a few examples to bring to class.

Lesson 2: Expanded Subtraction –

1) Watch the clip and think about the concept

2) Create a few examples in your maths book – Like Nath did!

3) Re-watch and make sure ask questions if you are not sure

Lesson 3)

Addition with Decimals – using expanded notation


Lesson 4) Subtraction of Decimals – Using addition

3 thoughts on “Flipped Learning – Addition & Subtraction

  1. I really get the subtraction one and the addition one but i don’t really get the adding part of the decimals.

  2. Adding decimals is my learning goal.I now now what a decimal is and i can add it.

    Now i know that i have improved!

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